Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Full moon freaks

Some very odd happenings today, and to be honest a pretty crap few days.
Two standout things. The first was a conversation. The health store was out of catnip so alas, the catnip toys will have to wait a couple of weeks. This is the conversation I had with the freaks behind the counter (and freaks is being nice about them):

Sane Girl(SG): Do you know when you're getting more catnip?
Loopy Girl(LG):Ahahahaaaahhahaa(in a random tone)
Permanently stoned guy(PSG): We'll be getting some in...soon. I had catnip tea last night and I gave some to my flatmate and she started turning into a cat.
LG: Ahahhhaaaahhhaaa
SG: Thinks: he's a winner Says: oh. This is for an ACTUAL cat.
PSG: Oh ok. Are you a cat person? Do you become a cat?
SG: Thinks: get me out of here! Says: No
LG: Ahhhhaaahhhhaaahahahaha
PSG: I'll make a request for us to get some catnip in. Tell your cat it won't be long.
SG: OK. *rolls eyes*

The other noteworthy thing: a fabric purchase! And a big one for me too, 4 different fabrics! I felt like dancing because it can be hard to find worthy fabrics there. The goldfish one is even a Heather Ross print.

A perpetual calender panel:

Today has been so crap other than the fabric score that I had to take myself off to bed for a long nap. You are never too old, young, whatever for a good, long, refreshing nap.


Jen said...

far out they were weird

like the fabrics and the calender

hope tomorrow is better for you

Lisa said...

funny story, I guess they should qualify "health" as not "mental health" LOL. Poor you, did you ever get your catnip? Or I should say your cats, catnip? Or was it for you? I'm confused :)