Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Crafting for sanity

You know what I mean. It's been days since you made something, you're dying for a good fabric hit, theres no glue on your fingertips, the paint is long dry. You gotta make something!!! But what??

The books are piled so high around here waiting for someone to buy them and give them a new home that I am genuinely scared to touch the piles in case they come thundering down and squash stuff. There is already a CD orphaned under the fridge from a spill last week that we haven't yet rescued. So I can't move a lot around and make much space. It has to be a small craft. So I decided a couple of pincushions will numb the pain nicely. But I have to know...what do you stuff your pincushions with?? Just regular old stuffing? Steel wool covered in soap to keep them sharp? Craft sand?

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Margot said...

I just use polyfill in mine and they work fine. Wool roving would be nice too. Check out:

I really like this last one I made, I need to make some more...