Friday, July 20, 2007

On the bias

Regular bias binding is so depressingly normal so I bought myself a bias tape maker and put it in a drawer for a month. As you do. Well, as I do anyway. In this crazy fit of doing stuff tonight I decided to cut something in my fabric stash and finally make bias binding. Thats pretty rash of me, considering my stash is only the size of many peoples scrap pile.

The vintage linen I used on the cushion was given to me by my grandma along with (and those two words 'along with' give me great excitement because my grandma normally would refuse to give me a cold if she could at all help it. Lovely woman, slight psychotic streak though.)...along with this strange trippy peacock fabric which are two of my stash favourites. I used most of the linen on the cushion and draft snake so I decided to sacrifice some of the trippy peacock stuff to make the binding. It was a little boring to be honest, ironing 2.4 metres of it but it looks so damn cool! Now I have to find something to use it on. Or just put it in one of my ribbon jars and look at it through the glass muttering how pretty it is and how it would be a shame to use it.


kirsty said...

You know I was just thinking YESTERDAY that I should buy one of those things! Maybe this will be the spur that makes me do it!

Mary said...

Not only do I have one of those bias tape thingies, I have a bias tape foot for my sewing machine. The first I've used. The second ... well, I'm afraid of it. I think it wants to eat my fingers.

Don't let that gorgeous binding go to waste! Use it for the top of a bag or the hem of a skirt. Or even the hem and/or neckline of a peasant top.