Friday, July 27, 2007

Nearly better

The cleaning bug has mostly passed other than a few light urges to wipe stuff which I manage to resist. It got bad at one point yesterday when I found myself ironing a couch cover. You know how big those things are? Luckily the fever broke and I'm in an exceptionally crafty mood now.

My little ironing helper:

I spend so long trying to find my desk to craft on that the crafting part often doesn't happen but I found myself with free time and enough desk space to do something. And since the ironing board was already out....I tried the first page of my Sublime Stitching book that I got months ago.

My first attempt!!!

May I draw your attention to the beauty that is my first try at stem stitch and the first successful french knot.

I'm a little bit giddy that I actually did these so well!


cinderelly said...

i just bought this book too, it arrived last week! i also bought some of the new designs, and cannot decide which to start first! (thanks for visiting my site...did you see that my kitty is named b.b.? really, he is! lol!)

CelticMommy said...

I love the new stitching... and green is my favorite color!!! Keep up the excellent work! :-)
(aka chocolate ice cream chick)

floresita said...

Yay - this looks wonderful!