Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The thrift gods were kind indeed

I was randomly flicking through books and magazines at the best local thrift store (I keep the good stuff for myself and sell the rest to pay for my fabric addiction) and this jumped out at me. I'm not sure if it's his blinding teeth, sunglasses, dreamy smile, the 80's font in the title but it just jumped out at me. I didn't buy it but I'm going past there today and I'm gonna buy it for sure!

This is what I did get for the huge total of $2.30. Here was me hoping to be under $5. Those ladies are both kind hearted and completely ignorant of the true cost of some of the things they sell.

Despite trying I am not pregnant but I really wanted the baby cardigan for the Peter Rabbit buttons. As usual I have nothing to use them on but I'd hardly let that stop me. (Him:"what are you going to use that fabric for?" Me evasively:"mumble mumble stuff")

Amongst the treasures was this huge mint condition transfer sheet of teddy bear images. Oh my.

Token shot of my button jar where only the elite buttons go to die. These buttons are the ones that are too good to actually USE. I need professional help. You know I do and I haven't even revealed my ribbon jar.


kirsty said...

Ha! That cracks me up -"the elite button jar"!! I have one of those, too.

meggie said...

Ah, it is easy to see you are only young. Just wait until you are my age! I have several containers of 'special' buttons. I will probably die & they will still be waiting for 'just the right project' haha~!