Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Last time I left a basket of unfolded laundry lying around in the living room that was the room Ginga chose to kill and eat a bird in. Well, thats the room the myriad of feathers was scattered in when we came in after a day at work. We never did find a bird but 1. feathers assumes they were once attached to a bird and 2. one of the cats didn't want dinner cos he was full.

I learned my lesson. No laundry is ever left unfolded anymore. Yes, that does mean it usually just hangs on the line for a week rather than folding it but thats not the issue here. I folded MOST of this basket before my wrists became too much. I apparently left just enough to pad the hard bottom for a cat to lie on.

Since laundry was out of the question (darn) I was forced (oh the humanity) to do craft stuff. I finally got to try my shrinky dink. Oh boy. I will only show you one attempt (utter failure) to spare you some of the laughter and sniggering but rest assured this is the best utter failure of the lot. It cupped in the middle and set before I could flatten it out. I think I left it in just a bit too long. Oh well, thats ok cos I get to fiddle around trying again and god I love to fiddle with stuff.

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charlotte said...


I've recently set up a series of sites called Lovely NZ and I would love to include your blog in Lovely Blogs. Slowly, slowly I am hoping to gather all of us kiwi bloggers who write about lovely stuff in one place.


It would be great if you are interested - do let me know - and if you are I'll email you a few 'interview' questions if that's ok.

my email is hello@lovelynz.co.nz

Look forward to hearing from you,