Saturday, July 14, 2007

At last!

It's finally finished! The cushion is f i n a l l y done. It took me so damn long I thought I was gonna give up. And then there was the horrible realisation that there was nothing in my stash that would go with the floral linen. I managed to buy this pink stuff to go with it and I think it works. I hope.

The back is an envelope opening and as long as it isn't moved in any way you can't see the seams on the underflap. This photo is terrible, it makes it look like the first attempt it is but it looks much better in real life. But I made it so I would say that.

This is my washing steaming in the winter sun. Neither here nor there but it can be quite alarming to look out the door at the laundry and see it steaming like it's about to catch on fire!


crafty said...

Hi BB, I love that linen fabric, may I venture that it is a thrift shop find?
Love the picture of your cats, I am so ready for summer too.

meggie said...

I remember steaming washing in NZ!
And how my fingers almost froze off while I was haning it out! And my little daughter would cry if I was out of her sight, so I had to kit her up like an Eskimo, & take her with me in the pram!!

And you cushion is lovely! Always remember "Finished is more perfect, than perfection unfinished!"

Steph said...

Lovely cushion!