Thursday, July 12, 2007

It pays to warn people

I really think it's only fair to warn people what they're in for. You may have to enlarge the pic, red is apparently not a good colour to photograph.

The weather is arctic outside and the woind is making me feel like Dorothy spinning away from Kansas so I stayed in and baked. Like I need a reason. I finally got the Hokey Pokey biscuits (cookies) right! Thin and crunchy mmmmmm. The enormousnous of them is just a bonus. The huge one down the bottom is 5 inches at it's widest! Needless to say there was some fast slicing to seperate them before they hardened into one giant supercookie...(why I decided against that I'll never know)

1 comment:

kirsty said...

A hokey pokey biscuit should ALWAYS be a good size :)
"I can't brain today.. I have the dumb" Absolutely priceless!!