Monday, July 30, 2007


- I have a confession. I don't do cross stitch. It seems like I am sometimes the only crafter who doesn't. Most importantly because I am enjoying learning to embroider so much I have noticed all embroidery magazines seem to be 'cross stitch and embroidery' magazines. It seems like people think you must enjoy one if you enjoy the other and you're less of a crafter if you don't cross stitch. I tried cross stitch but stitching xxxxx repetitively made me want to poke my eyes out with the needle. I have much respect for those who can do it, some of the patterns are incredibly complex, but personally it's filed right next to Greek and guitar as things I will just never be good at.

- This is my 300th blog post in this blog. Thats as close to a blogiversary as I will ever get.

- It was Dave's and my 8 month anniversary yesterday. I'm always surprised when we make it to another month but I'm totally happy.

- I'm not big on punctuality at times. Yesterday I bought Dave his 6 month anniversary present. Around the 6 month mark I bought him his birthday present, also 2 months late. I get there in the end.

- I finally came up with something for my other swap partner. Don't look too closely, it's not my best work.


eva said...

I don`t like cross stitch either. Somehow it`s not very satisfying filling the "blocks". There is no room for curves and bends and I love curves and bends.

Mimi said...

Thanks for the wonderful comment on my blog, I love comments too :) and dont you worry, I dont like to cross stitch either...sshhhh dont tell no one :)