Sunday, July 29, 2007

A random act of kindness and one of stupidity

I decided it was time for another random act of kindness. That really means that I finally thought of something to do. So far I have:
  • donated 12,000 air miles to a sick childrens charity
  • sent cards to friends on the other side of the world for no reason
This time I decided to make some catnip toys for a cat shelter. Originally I thought of the SPCA but the shelter here is so up themselves I honestly doubt the cats would even get the toys. :( So I decided to give them to a plain cats only shelter, along with a couple of cans of cat food.

So last night I made 10 little pouches, ready to sew up once filled with catnip. I plan to do about 20 in total.

On another and completely dumber topic I have truly outdone myself in stupidity. When I bought the Wizard of Oz recently I just picked it up and bought it. You have to act fast to beat the professional thrifters (I'm still semi-pro: I sell for profit but not terribly successfully). SO I got it home and put it on a shelf. Fast forward a week and I picked it up to look at it. Flicking through it I saw some of the pages were upside down. I turned it over to find...a whole new book. Yep, it took me a week to notice The Prince and the Pauper on the back half. I have reached a new level.


Jen said...

bless you

for making and donating those catnip pouches to the shelter Im sure the cats will LOVE them
I like the material

homemakerkate said...

hey there! TY for posting on my wee blog! I love your pincushion! I might have some easy ideas on those for you, I will look around my studio and then post on my blog. I love your handstitches to, you have talent girl!

eva said...

You are so kind!
I hope you will finish your project and feel proud about it.
It`s inspirational too - I have never thought about donations for animals.