Saturday, July 28, 2007

If anyone asks its meant to be that shape

I have my first swap-bot swap underway at the moment and I have two swap partners. The first is easier because her profile is very thorough. We have only got $5 to spend on each partner and so I decided I'd make a pincushion. Originally it was a circle but circle pincushions were not my best work at school. When I came back to sewing after 10 yrs I was 100x better, so I suppose I hoped that I could now magically make a circle pincushion. No, still can't. So it's offically "shaped like the flower". The linen holds up really well, it looks good.

It's when you turn it over to the cotton side that you start to really snigger and point. I cut little splits all the way around the inside seam to stop puckering, but alas. So I stuck a ribbon loop in the top to distract people. I bet all you can think is how it clashes with the cotton...see, distracted ya didn't I? My ribbon stash is only 5 months old, I only had 2 jars to choose from.

After I gave up on it last night I started fiddling with my sewing machines fancy stitches. I bought it 4 months ago for the fancy stitches, I kinda figured I better use them. Alas $600 doesn't buy you any fancy ducky or flower stitches though but this is one of the prettiest:

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Felicia said...

Pretty flower pincushion :)