Saturday, July 21, 2007


I'm a bookworm from waaaayy back and today was the release of Harry Potter at 11.01am. We all shuffled forward to get our copy (yes, I was waiting in the queue and no I wasn't in costume or waiting overnight. I swear. I just rocked up 1 minute early to a store that I was fairly sure would have plenty.) then zoomed through the checkout and home to read. I'm up to page 34 but I guess age is hitting me cos as the books and the plots have grown so has my need to take constant mental breaks from all the concentration.

So to concentrate on something else...I mostly finished my WIP although the edges of the card it is on need tidying, the cork didn't come out that great and I think it's lacking something (talent hehehe). The clumsy oaf in me competes often with the perfectionist in me. I don't know how she got in there, I can only assume I ate her cos perfectionism is certainly not a natural thing for me.

I'm antsy to get back to the book (after 6 books you kinda just want to just finish the damn 7th one and move the f*** on, ya know?) so heres a quick peek at my score of the day. The local rotary club had a huuugeeee book sale today. Way overpriced but I staggered out with plenty all the same. But anyway it was an awesome score. Brand new copies of amazing modern books but my best buy was this vintage copy of Alice in Wonderland from the 50's. Most of the books I buy are to sell, as a way of earning income. But theres just some things that I see and instantly know I want to keep for my future kids.


Mary said...

Found you through Happy loves Rosie.Love the illustrations in 1950s books Still have a few of my own from when I was a kid. One day will blog about them

Kimmie said...

That book is gorgeous! I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who purchase/makes things for their nonexistent (yet) future kids!

Yummers! said...

I love old books... that's because I'm an old 'big kid' and I love my memories. I search ebay all the time for books I read my girls and didn't keep and now attach to presents I give them. Such fun!!