Tuesday, July 10, 2007


My mother bequeathed me all her cross stitch stuff recently. Really, the second I said I was sorta, kinda, dabbling in it she gave me every thread, hoops, pattern she possessed. She's loving my new found domesticity more than me it seems at times. However being my mother my inheritance was presented to me looking like this: Only imagine about 8 of the rattiest bags, of varying sizes, each holding a number group.

Me being the anal retentive first child I have started to turn the mess into this:

It's not helping my carpal tunnel at all but it's very therapeutic to wind onto the bobbins muttering "5 skeins of the same baby poo brown? I have got to talk to that woman about priorities".

I sorted out the doubles (triples, quadruples and even beyond) into one bag and once I count then I have got to figure out what to do with them. I'm going to sell some to pay for the gaps in my new set (not to mention storage containers for them) but if you want any let me know. I can spare them for sure.


beki said...

Wow, look at that! All my embroidery floss looks like the first picture. I really should do something about that!!

Steph said...

Oh my, I would just sit around looking at it! How pretty!