Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Groundhog day

Today seems to be kinda like yesterday was...only worse. Some guy was coming at 10am to value the property so I had gotten in a tizzy thinking maybe the owners are selling, we'd have to move, etc. First he was late, and I do not like having to get up that early to clean only to have someone be late! I even put clothes on!!! Last time I go to that much trouble, I swear. Pfffft. Anyway turns out the owners sold the April!

I also had round two with the shrinky dink. Here is attempt 1,2 & 3 for the day. Attempt#1: No really, I was going for the bowl look. It was a circle shape, and it hardened SO fast that I couldn't flatten it. When they say 'fast' they mean 'OMG not even half out of the oven and it's set'. Attempt #2 was a halfcircle that I actually flattened still in the oven (whacked it down with a cookie tray for lack of something else lying nearby) and #3 I did the same. Only problem is the gold ink which is fast drying is...not. The words are smudged and my fingertips look sparkly.

And in the process I knocked over a huge stack of CD's I was sorting and a disc of photos of a soldier friend that he took in Iraq is now either magically missing or under the fridge with the cat fur and mice. And Dave is sick as a dog but has insisted on going to work. The slightest cough and I'm in bed with lemon drinks and a good book. He's perfectly happy to go work himself to death while I worry.

Plus the other cat found the laundry basket so we're just gonna give it to them and buy a new one. A prickly wicker one.


Kellie said...

Great blog! Just got a few giggles from reading this and some of your past posts.

I have a tabby who looks much like your Rastus(my oh-so-creative husband named him Tabby, but I call him Buddy). He doesn't sleep in the laundry, but loves the bathroom sink of all places!

Mary said...

I don't think my cats have ever met a laundry basket they didn't like. I actually started putting my washed-and-dried fabric on top of the foosball table to discourage them from climbing in and getting cat hair everywhere.

Love the shrinky dinks -- even the bowl! I have two packs that I've yet to open because I'm too intimidated. One of these days ...