Monday, July 16, 2007

And it's not even my birthday

I got a present in the mail today and I'm so happy! The wonderful Eva sent it to me. The embroidery is exquisite and I am so lucky!

Thank you so much Eva!

Her embroidery is such an inspiration that one of these days I just might pull out my mothers hoops and threads and actually start to learn myself. But then I said that about knitting and crochet....I really do need to learn at least ONE of them.


eva said...

I`m so happy that you like your own Meadow bird! :)
Shipping was fast too, I did n`t expect it to be that fast, actually!

I think, you should try all these crafts - they are quite simple and you can choose whatever project you like. I think Embroidery is most "trickier" though, but at the same time most rewarding too :)

Enjoy your "birthday" and have a wonderful week ahead!
Thank You !!!!!!!!!!!

Steph said...

Your little bird is so sweet! I was thinking the same thing about Eva's embroidery - it is an inspriation. I have several embroidered linen table clothes that have been handed down to me. Wouldn't it be fabulous to make some for my daughter! (She is 7 - I better get started now!)