Friday, July 13, 2007

I'm ready for summer now thanks

Yep, it's been swell but I'd like summer now please. Please? Just a wee preview? Even the cats are huddling for warmth. Well, yes Ginga does have his nose in Rastus's ass end but I tell myself that it's for warmth.

I am participating in my first online swap here and I am so excited. Irrationally so really when you consider how simple the swap is but it gets very exciting these days receiving any mail that isn't the winter power bill (due next week and I'm bracing myself) or my Avon catalogue. Yes, it's a small life I lead. This is what I sent:


meggie said...

Nice goodies you sent! Nice of you to stop at my blog, & leave me a nice message.
We Kiwis have to stickt together!

lisa said...

The picture made me laugh, but your commentary made me howl. too funny.