Thursday, July 05, 2007

Not quite a Domestic Goddess

My life has lately become all about my home, my cats, my boyfriend and the things very local to me. Staying at home from choice (albeit forced on by carpal tunnel syndrome in my wrists) and in a relationship is far different than being stuck at home with no job. This time I'm out to take care of someone else and our cats (which are as close to babies as we'll be getting for now).

Suddenly I have a reason to bake...well other than the usual reason which is to eat the dough. I'm not very good at it and I did forget to press them with a fork until a bit late but if theres fresh baking to feed him with maybe he won't notice the sinkful of dishes the baking process created.

It's my first attempt at baking biscuits in years and they are....well it's version 1 anyway.

The cushion inner is done at last! I will not willingly make the whole thing from scratch again after the time and effort involved when I can buy one for cheaper but this first cushion is going to be completely from scratch.

The cushion cover is proving harder still. Do I cut two of my beautiful fabrics from my rather pitiful collection and hope that it looks like I want when it's done or do I hold off on the offchance that the fabric store might actually have something cushiony? I'm leaning towards just cutting them since waiting for my fabric store to provide is like waiting for my butt to shrink. Miracles just don't happen.

1 comment:

charlotte said...

I'd go for cut the fabric!

But measure carefully and always think twice before you do anything :)

Good luck !