Friday, August 31, 2007


Randomness is the perfect word to describe my mood of late. Suitably vague. I have messed up two Wee Wonderfuls Stitchette embroideries so to take a break from those I ironed a heart onto some felt and just took it from there. No clue what it will become.

I want to come up with a good phrase to stitch in the middle. Or maybe a drawing?

I tried sewing a hot pink felt teddy bear but my machine tension crapped out for the second time in less than a month. It doesn't like felt I guess. Which is a shame because a hot pink teddy? Who wouldn't want one???

I have figured out the problem now though, something odd about the way the bobbin works. So maybe we'll have a hot pink teddy soon. But before that I think it's time the old catnip toys around here went to the 'farm' where old pets usually go and we had a few new ones around. Ginga still loves this but it turns my stomach to see him licking it:

He's fine today but some marauding neighbourhood tom got a chunk of his back end. I found a chunk of black fur under his claw so I hope he gave as good as he got. He definitely needs some new catnip to relax with. It's the weekend after all.

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