Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Signs you may be an IT widow

I am an IT widow. I'm not married but thats not the point. Dave works in IT, and at last count 7 PC's and 2 laptops plus a laptop he's selling for a customer are all in my kitchen. We don't have room for a dining table.

Some of the signs that indicate I am an IT widow:
- The side or top of the PC/PC's are never on. Either because theres parts to add or remove or just because 'somethings playing up'. 'I need to clean out the dust' is also valid for lid removal for up to 2 weeks. In case the dust comes back.

- There's cords strung between PC's (they HAVE to be networked), PC to TV, inter-room, dangling for no reason, ready to be hooked up at a seconds notice. Notice the nice white light cover? Not original. Dave had to buy a new one online after the cords made the original fall off and smash.

- Free bench space? Not in this house. And you can't give these old monitors away now(Except to my pack rat lovely) so they just multiply.

When the IT addict runs out of bench space thats ok cos theres floors too!!


Bethany said...

Oh My GOSH!! I would so freak out if that was my hubby! You are amazingly patient compared to me, I must give you credit! It drives me nuts enough with my hubbies books all over the house and jeans hanging by the ankles stuck into the top edge of the dresser drawer! lol

CelticMommy said...

One day I will photograph our office. I'm a retired laptop technician, hubby is still full swing IT-dom... we've networked our whole house, wireless, blow-your-clothes-off stereo, and ever frickin' CD, Zip drive, monitor, hub, tower, printer, camera, flash drive and a whoozit and whatchmacalit!
Sending you sympathy!

Jen said...

sounds oh so familiar my man is a computer technician

Jane Weston said...

I hear ya! My man is an IT dude too and as I type I can look over to my sewing corner and smack dab in the middle of it is a computer with half its guts missing..so it's not usable, but too good to throw away or recycle. We have the monitor problem too..the latest cast off went to the neighbours and then she looked at us and said, "hey...wait a minute...you've just transferred your problem (extra monitor) to us!! That was sneaky!!" We won't be able to do that again! LOL We have the dust problem too...my hubby thinks it all the quilting..which I think is completely nonsense!

milkcan said...

Hilarious! Thanks for the laugh!

futuregirl said...

I hate to admit it, but this is a lot like our place. :)