Saturday, August 18, 2007

karma and catnip

Today marks the end of my little 'Me Time' break. I got busy crafting last night, spend many of my boyfriends hard earned dollars at Craft 2.0 this morning (that'll be the next blog entry probably) but I think the best part was taking the catnip to the shelter.

I also took several large cans of cat food cos showing up with only treats is a bit rude. When we walked in with the catnip toys and started the handout there was about 8 cats visible. Within a minute there was about 25 sniffing around. They LOVED the treats. It was especially nice to see some of them rolling around cos it turns out that some are quite....porky. Some of them take to grazing in other cats bowls so...

This is Miss Muffit, you can't tell from this cell phone photo but shes a gorgeous and headstrong wee lass. I'd have adopted her on the spot if I could.

Crookshanks, a tom cat currently causing chaos amongst the shelter residents, goobing on a catnip toy

Other goobing catterpusses

This behemoth was collecting the toys to bogart the catnip, one paw on each toy.

Gratuitous cat porn photo....and this is only the second biggest cat there!

Apparently they have about 40 residents. I only bought 20 cat nip toys and probably saw 25 cats at most but they have their little hidey holes. Next time I have to make more!


Jen said...

Bless you Im sure they will love them
and the food too

Rebekah said...

aren't cats the greatest?!? They have such interesting personalities. I've got two little catnip toys in progress that I've embroidered for my cats. Now I've just got to get them off my lap long enough to stuff them with catnip and sew them up. We'll see how that goes!