Thursday, August 30, 2007


Please excuse the typos etc. It's been a longer than long day. Ginga, the cuter but more annoying cat (extremely deaf when he wants to be) woke us at 4am and 5.30am. Why? Was he busting to go out? No. House on fire and he's heroically warning us? No. Just wanted to wipe cat snot on us and claw our faces until we patted him. Cats apparently produce a lot of snot at night too. Just so you know too now.

And this evening Dave comes inside to say that Ginga has been in a huge cat fight with a feline intruder, and is bleeding and covered in mud. We spent nearly an hour doctoring his wound, removing the other cats fur from his claws and coaxing him to drink warm milk. Now I could do with a stiff and preferably flammable drink.

My Pay It Forward things are all finished, just got to find the money to send them out. It costs a small fortune to mail anything. To change the pace around here I am embroidering something on felt. I'm making it up as I go along so who knows what it will be when I finish with it. I also have more felt for teddy bears including one piece so bright I bet you can see it in the dark.

I bought this at the thrift store today. It's got age marks on the edges and I can just imagine this being a prized possession in WWII.


Jen said...

hope Ginga is ok

CelticMommy said...

I'm a bit late in reading blogs from this week, so I'm glad to hear the kitty is doing better... sorry to hear about the snotty wake-up though.
I hope you had a great Friday and that this weekend fares calmly and lovingly for you.
Off to cook dinner for the wee ones. ~Hettie