Monday, August 06, 2007

Fabric bandit struck again

Dave obligingly and rather foolishly drove me up to a quilting shop I recently discovered. Oh my. He sat in the car and read the paper while I shopped. The pink and green ones at the back are for my first quilt. The red ones in the front are for my second quilt. The polka dot ones and the fat eighths are flannel and I have my secret devious plans ready for them. Basically I intend to let them sit there for a while while I stress myself into a stomach ulcer that they cost a fortune and I should be using them. Then I'll use them.


Bethany said...

Pretty fabrics...I soo can relate to the "nervous to use it" feeling. Dive right in girl!!

cinderelly said...

bb, you find the cutest fabrics! (i looked all the way to the bottom!)