Friday, August 03, 2007

female maths: spending on discount = profit

Firstly, a point to note. The catnip is for cats, I didn't get any so yes I will have to brave the loopy lala's at that shop again soon (trying to find another local source if I can) and no, I do not drink catnip tea. I didn't know you could and having smelt catnip I have no idea why anyone would want to drink it. It's like cat food, it must smell good to them cos they always want more but it does NOT smell good to a sane human.

Dave's gone to work so the new additions to my stash have been brought out to be inspected and projects assigned to the favourite pieces.
The reason I actually went into the shop:

The reason I spent so long in there (other than the slooooowwww sales assistant):

I walked in and they had SO MANY good patterns that I was just scooping them all up. And they had 30% off! I actually SAVED money by shopping. Over $20 saved on the fats, which I woulda bought even if they weren't on special and another $5 saved on the felt.

Men don't understand female maths. It works like this. I saved $25 by shopping. So by shopping I was saving money. Very shrewd. The point we don't tell men that would help them understand is that I saved $25 by shopping when I did. Because I would have bought that stuff on special or not. It just woulda cost me $25 more at another time. And so that $25 saved is a profit. Not only did I save money but I earned $25. It's technically a fragile branch of maths and no man has ever accepted that I walked out of the store with a bag of stuff and made a profit but men also don't understand that those shoes don't go with that outfit. Which proves that we know more and therefore it really was a profit I made last night. Duh! Easy!


leslie said...

the fabric is great. but your female math explanation is even better. i do the exact same thing. on my way home i figure out how much money i saved. my mom taught me that one!

homemakerkate said...

Honestly dear husband have no clue how much fabric costs in the first place. This works well to our advantage. Home baked goods are to be used not only as bribery but work well as a distractant. Oh the art of marrage!

Yummers! said...

Love your polka dot fabrics. I also did a post about fabric that arrived today. I use the word 'sale' with every purchase.

Bethany said...

This post cracks me up and is sooo true!! lol I love the teddies you made also...great handstitching :) Thanks a bunch for the comments on my blog for the New York pictures...I'm having fun checking out your blog right now.