Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Anniversary time

9 months ago (November 29th - it was a Wednesday then and it is today) I found myself hiding in a nook in the museum lobby waiting for him to walk through the door. He did and my first thought was "Wow". His first word, once I plucked up the courage to come out of hiding, was "Wow". My memory may be embellishing that but wow was said and the way I tell it, it was the first word said.

It was a wonderful day, we met again the next day, we were living together within a week and were madly in love long before that week was up. He tells me he loves me every morning, every evening, every night. He rings me in the middle of the day to say it. I never ever go to sleep at night without making sure he knows I love him.

His anniversary present to me is a hard drive and network card for his old laptop so I can be mobile. My anniversary present (since I don't get 40% work discounts on hard drives) to him is a freshly baked double batch of e-nour-mous cookies. The way to a mans heart after all.....


Jen said...

did you met on line???
I met my man that way and it kinda sounds like thats what happened to you too

woof nanny said...

He has wonderfully expressive, glee-filled eyes. Lovely.