Saturday, August 25, 2007

Simple pleasures of home

The simple pleasures of a Saturday spent at home:

Moved on from the artsy clutch in Bend-The-Rules Sewing to the simple bib. My gran once gave me a bunch of snaps but I never thought I'd use them. So I kept them but threw out the instructions. Yeah, smart. I know. No idea if I set them right (and I definitely didn't do it well if it is right) but they are set and I can brag about that to everyone who will listen. And I will.

There was something on TV this morning about meerkats and Rastus was *hypnotised* by them. He could not take his eyes off them.

The sleeping beauties Dave and Ginga. Ginga keeps waking us up at 4am with cute little 'I want a smooch' antics and as cute as it is it's not as cute as it was a week ago. We end up needing major nana naps in the afternoons. He doesn't know I took this photo and is going to kill me for taking it let alone posting it. Simple pleasures baby.