Saturday, August 11, 2007


We have crafting!! I finally got my hands on some catnip, fixed the tension on my machine before I smashed it to bits and was able to finish the catnip toys I am donating to the cat shelter. The fruit loop at the health food store told me the organics store has it. The capital city and we have one organics store and one health food store. It's a boom town people. Anyway...I did my mental arithmetic about how many bags I would need - I failed high school maths pretty spectacularly. I used less than 2 bags so I have 3 left and I HATE the smell. I will never get through that much left over cat nip for toys for my own br...cats, so I have to pluck up the stomach to make more pouches for homeless cats. Maybe I'll just donate the 3 bags to Health Food Store Fruit Loop for catnip tea.


Jen said...

yaye you got it
bless you

homemakerkate said...

You had me laughing with the dialoge at the health food store! LOL! Love the wee bags for the kitties. I can sympathise with the smell, ewww, but the cats do so looovvve it.
hugs to you

Recy Vintage & Creations said...

That is SO cool that you are making catnip toys to donate to the local shelter. You rock!