Tuesday, August 28, 2007


You know the story. Mondayitis...on a Tuesday. Someones coming to pick something up in 90 minutes but you have to pop down to the shops real quick for something important. Which is where the mission starts. Go to the bank, the teller is new...and slow. Go to the haby store...son of a...new sales assistant too, even slower and usually theres not even any other customers and today theres a queue. Go to the library, theres a queue. Go to the post office. That went fine actually. What didn't go fine was stepping out of the post office and seeing that the heavens have opened rather spectacularly and I have to walk home in the rain. Oh joy. Made it home with dreams of a nice hot shower after the person picked up their stuff (Dave sold a PC online yay!! Less crap!!) but on my way to the shower I detoured to lie in bed for like 2 minutes, I swear. 2.5 hours later....

I'm hoping to get the crafting bug back tomorrow. I have a couple of things to make still. I am also going to try using my embroidery transfer pencil for the first time.

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CelticMommy said...

After I put up one blog this morning, I've done nothing today as well... it must be a case of "The Tuesdays".
I envy your nap! It's only 11:30 a.m. here and I'm tired already!
I think I'll go do a few rows of crochet. :-D