Thursday, August 02, 2007

Secret Squirrel post...shhhh

Firstly, yay!! I have two people on my PIF list so I need one more person to Pay It Forward to! To the two who are participating, I'll be in touch!

Secondly, you have to listen close. Dave's <<<<-----in there and can't know exactly how much I bought this evening. I went to a store tonight that normally doesn't have good fat quarters at all. I mean only bad ones almost. I wanted some felt and not only did I get some amazing felt squares I got 14 fat quarters that make my eyes water, they're just so pretty! I'll post a photo once Dave is safely at work.

Until tomorrow what I can safely show you is this book I bought a couple days ago. It was so cute and surprisinly for Borders incredibly cheap. And the projects!! A fabric tea set! And cat and mouse skittles!! Now you know why I had to buy the felt!! I feel a major craft binge coming on!!

I didn't think today was going to start off too well when I woke up and sneezed (morning hayfever, such fun) a big glob of phlegm onto one of the cats!! I didn't realise that was the reason he shot out the door until later! But felt, fabric and oncoming craft binge....good day!!

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leslie said...

oh my goodness! i have that same book. bought it on my last trip home to canada. i need to actually make something from it. maybe i will add that to the list! enjoy! anxious to see all your material!