Saturday, August 04, 2007

Playing tag

Yay! I have my Pay It Forward people! Leslie, Poppy & Mei and Celtic Mommy. Ladies, please email me (in my profile) your addresses so I can get crafting for you!

And Lisa has tagged me! 7 random fascinating facts about me may be a bit of a stretch but here's my turn:
1. I find it incredibly hard to learn almost anything. Guitar, languages, installing lining in a tote, all beyond me.
2. I can't drive. I sat my learners license when I was 16, I renewed it sporadically and here I am, 28 with my 12 yr old learners license. The world is safer this way, trust me.
3. I have my motorbike license. Don't worry, again its just my learners permit. I'm entirely legal to drive a motorbike on the road on my own but after falling off the bike during the test day I don't see it happening. (seriously, it is HARD work riding for the first time)
4. I have a teeny tiny shopping addiction. Honestly I can quit anytime I want to...I just don't want to.
5. I have a large pile of uncut fabric and unread magazines as a result. One day....
6. Officially I can't cook. If you've eaten my cooking you'd agree. Unless you're Dave and then "mmm, it's delicious sweetie".
7. I'm extremely clucky/broody. I'm totally ready for the adventure that is parenting. However my lovely has ED so I don't hold out much hope.

Now I'm supposed to tag 7 people, but I have no idea who hasn't been tagged yet so I'll just tag 3. Oh yeah, I should have written #8. I'm a bit lazy! So I'm tagging Leslie , Kate and Blue Yonder who I realised AFTER has been tagged already. It's hard to find someone who hasn't now.


homemakerkate said...

ok find, you got me, I will go reveal some odd or outrageous facts about myself in a completely public forum....and no, no-one is allowed to use said info for a bribe later. oh I must say this though, YOU CAN and DO take lovely photos, just need to see MORE of them.

leslie said...

thanks for sharing a little about yourself! thanks for tagging me. a little busy to get to it. someday.
what is ED? can't figure that one out.

pinklemonadelisa said...

Oh my Roaring with laughter, I knew you'd come through for me! LOL! Oh, and the fabric thing, no self-respecting seamtress doesn't have a considerable fabric stash, one that she couldn't possibly every use in a lifetime. BTW, any quilting questions, feel free to ask, I'm a bit of a quilting know it all. :)