Sunday, August 26, 2007

Signs of summer

How can you tell summer is coming? When the cats play 'that warm grassy patch is mine!' of course!!

Might be time to buy me a pair of these beauties!!

One thing it was time for today was crafting!! I am doing a Wee Wonderfuls Stitchette (toe tapping Tilly) and on days like this I want to be able to sit outside with my scissors, flosses etc on hand while I get some colour on my pasty white self. I remembered saving this picture off Flickr a while ago so decided to try my own.

Smaller than the one above but I am thrilled with it. It's just the right size for my embroidery stuff and I can even just put it on the couch arm with my embroidery or sewing bits in it without it getting in the way. I'm ready for summer now! Oh, and best of all it only took 1/4 of a fat quarter for each side plus a piece of flannel to pad it inside.


CelticMommy said...

I love it! Do you know where the instructions are?? I think I could try to make one on the fly, but it's good to have something to reference.

I love yours... the perfect summer fabric too.

jenny said...

I LOVE this! I have no sewing machine mojo so I'll have to admire it from afar...

it looks so handy for the embroidery stuff...

(the wee wonderful is pretty cute too!)