Friday, August 24, 2007

Oh damn it

I failed at Computer Free Friday on Thursday evening. Thats how damn good I am at that sort of thing. So I'm *limiting* todays usage instead. Can you tell? I'm hoping to get these Computer Free Friday's into my routine eventually though, a whole internet free day? I'd get so much sewing done! As it is I have fabric ironed and waiting to become another clutch. Guess what my family is getting for Christmas? Lots and lots of Bend-The-Rules artsy clutches. Even the boys probably.


beki said...

Computer free friday? That would NEVER work for me. I don't even try :)

CelticMommy said...

I could do a computer free day... I think... uuummmm. ;-)

My family is getting all very similar but different things also. Scarves, grocery bags, aprons, sewn monsters and sewn trees... I think those are all of the ones in my goal list anyway.
Love the pics of the kitty and sig o in the blog above this one!