Saturday, September 01, 2007

A road trip and mail

Today we took a trip over the Rimutaka Ranges (of Doom) to Masterton in the Wairarapa (lifestyle farm country). The real reason was so Mr I.T. Man could fix some friends PC's. My reason for tagging along was less altruistic. I wanted to go to the fabric stores. Well sadly Masterton hasn't quite taken to weekend shopping like the big city has. If they do open on Saturday they shut at noon on the dot. So needless to say they were all shut up tight including a shop teasingly called The Embroidery Shop. Dave says we can go over again another day but considering I get carsick driving to the shops and this is the only way to get to The Wairarapa I doubt it:

The weather was lovely for most of the ride and I distracted myself with thoughts of sewing on the trip over to keep the nausea at bay (it actually worked too). The only reason it was so easy was because I got mail this morning from the sweet Kellie:

FQ's and lots of cute scraps perfect for crafting! And I will enjoy them well, thanks Kellie!

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Kellie said...

Yay...they made it...and quickly too! Glad you like them!

What a's absolutely gorgeous!I can see how carsickness would set it...I'd be terrified on those roads!