Sunday, September 02, 2007


Sometimes I don't know how they do it. You know who I mean, those bloggers who don't blog for what feels like a maximum of 36 hours but when they do it's to report that they have 'only' been away for a week somewhere devastatingly interesting, sewn 50 bags/toys for their shop, found more at their thrift store in day than I find in a month, homeschooled their kids and got some fabulous new book that I want madly. In that same amount of time I have fought with the cats for my share of the bed/chair, sewn 1.5 things, stuffed up one embroidery, and found 2 things at the thrift store and had more naps than is good for me. So I just have to do you people do it??? And get 36 comments about how fabulous your photos of it look!!

I am currently making the cat and mouse skittles from my Toys To Sew book. Yes, ladies and gentlemen (and if you are a gentleman you are probably seriously lost but welcome) I have so far managed most of a mouse. Well, it IS Sunday. And as soon as I sew the mouses ears on the right way I'll begin the cat.


Jane Weston said...

You've made me smile this morning. I've had the same thought before..these people mustn't sleep!!! I'd love to live on 4 hours of kip, but the noise I'd make sewing etc would keep up the rest of the house...and they aren't very nice to be around when they haven't had their sleep.

The mouse is looking good and can't wait to see the cat!..and I like your picture :o)


Mandi said...

yep ....I know exactly what you mean...I wish I had lots of things to report...some people just have th eknack I guess...take care

CelticMommy said...

I saw the kitty and mouse on Flickr and forgot to comment on how cute they are! I have the same book and still haven't made a single dang thing out of it... so I envy you!

And I know what you mean about "those" people... I start school tomorrow, start my healthy eating tomorrow, Em starts homeschooling tomorrow and somewhere in the middle of all that I've got a gazillion other things to do! Aaack!

Sendin' you some sympathy and cameraderie (sp?). ~Hettie

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Oh I so hear you!

My related question is how come, when you write a post and think it's the bees knees you get no comments at all but if it's a cobbled together mess you get them?

I delude myself by believing my readers are stunned into silence by the magnificence of it... ;-)