Friday, September 14, 2007

Tales from the sickbed (and crafting)

Into the third day of back pain and the second stuck in bed, the pain is getting worse if anything. I'm ok standing up so it wasn't a problem getting breakfast or going up to check the mail (in my robe - so glad its a quiet street!) but the groans involved on getting out of bed...not cool. I suspect I should be flat on my back but I tried that for all of 5 minutes before admitting total boredom. One of the cats has been flopped against me 'trapping' me in bed though so I'm not being totally silly.

The view from my sickbed yesterday:

Who can resist such cuteness?

Crafting!! I had to do something before I got TOO stressed over the pain. It's for a swap-bot swap:

Yesterday I was surrounded by the cat, the laptop, my mobile phone and my little embroidery tray. Today I have added the camera, cords to upload from the camera and phone, 3 containers of embroidery thread, tissues and soon I may have to lie on the floor for lack of room on the bed. I am BORED of being in pain.


Mary said...

Feel better soon! (And I love the kitty cuddles that come with being sick. Makes me feel loved!)

beki said...

Oh no, I hope you feel better soon!

CelticMommy said...

I hate when back pain just totally imobilizes you! I hope you're up and raring to go soon!