Sunday, September 16, 2007

Web wierdness....and a crooked bookmark

First the funkiness that is my first fabric bookmark. Bear in mind that linen moves ALOT, or at least that my linen did plus the pattern lines were on the back, and so sewing the ribbon on the front was hard. I'm a brilliant sewer, it was just the plan that sucked. Yeah, thats it...

Linen bookmark

OK, I've had a lot of time lately thanks to my injury to surf the net. I have found some good stuff!! Here is some bad stuff though to make you laugh, and I hope it will make you never ever name your kid Jestaney Kalei or Jassity. Or Espn. Or pretty much any of the horrors listed on the site.


Jen said...

I like your bookmark

Ayou said...

The bookmark looks great. Can't wait to buy a new sewing machine so I could go bookmarks like this too