Monday, September 10, 2007


S T E PinkP H

  • Things are often better in the daylight and today is better. I no longer have 4 machine loads of baby stuff drying above my head, it's all either folded or drying on the line outside. Yes, sunshine!! Yes, space!! Yes, money soon!!
  • Today is my first official day doing the Seven Things Project. And on account of our house rapidly filling up this week will involve getting rid of a LOT more than 7 things. So far waiting to go to the thrift store are 3 bags containing 40 books (and a scarf), a bag of Dave's clothes (only bachelors dress like that, those clothes are going!) and a hideous plastic-y vinyl jacket of his that I wore to sit my motorbike license (that is a story for another day) and I'm sure that when I can move in my own place I'll find more. The project has certainly given me the incentive I needed to do something about the clutter other than whine. Only problem is I probably can't take it to the thrift store for 5 more days!!
  • I do have to post off a parcel of card making supplies I sold on Trade Me last week. Until I do I can't get to my sewing machine and the stress is mounting. When stressed, must make something! I'm not stressed enough to hand sew though!
  • I am sorely tempted to keep some of the baby clothes instead of sell them. I keep holding them up and saying to myself, rather than freak Dave out, "can you believe a human fits in that? I WANT one!!"
  • I did a meme a while ago about 8 random things about me. In hindsight I have been thinking of lots more stuff, way more interesting. Like my real first name is not Steph, or short for Stephanie. It's Persephone. No, not pronounced Percyphone (can't think why I shortened it) which kids find hilarious and adults coo about, saying "Ohhhh, it's so do you pronounce it?" I suspect my name alone has a lot to do with being a bitter, bitter person.
  • Someone (sorry, I already forgot who, my memory is that bad) linked this ebay auction that went around. You have to read it. the woman who sold it is hilarious! Her blog made me howl with laughter.
  • I'm terrible about updating the links down the side of my blog, I'm going to have to list all the lovelies whose blogs I never miss at some stage. I read them even if I don't comment. But recently I made a point of reading every blog in my bookmark list one day and yeah, thats how long it took to read them all. One day. Too much talent out there!!


Jen said...

i totally agree with your 1st point
to the point where if something is worrying me I write down what it is then read a good book and try not to worry until the next day

with my older kids I permitted myself to keep just 1 box of the nicest and most favorite of their baby clothes
as it turned out I ended up using some of them for Daniel

eva said...

baby stuff? Did I missed something here???????? :))

Nikki (Mother of the Devil Child) said...

Just found ya... will be back :)
Not that I need another blog to add to my daily reads list. ARGH.