Saturday, September 15, 2007

Etsy ideas

Beki asked me what I would sell in my as yet imaginary Etsy shop. Damn good question! I don't really have a 'thing'. Like Lisa sells bags, which are usually a dime a dozen these days. Except hers are *bright*, sassy, very cool bags. Thats taking an old thing and making it your own. Rhiannon makes hoodies and ball bags and things with felt applique. Very cool and original, I even have a ball bag.

(excuse me a minute, Dave's in Mr IT Guy mode)........count to 10 Steph, count to 10...maybe 20.

Moving on...I have a long way to go embroidery wise, I'm not even gonna show you my latest embroidery now it's finished. It's terrible and I can't send that out for a swap. So nothing embroidered in my shop yet. So I guess I'd stick to the tried and trusted stuff for now until I find my 'thing'. Bend-the-rules Sewing artsy clutches, I did them so well. Little felt teddies (which may become my thing once I tweak them) maybe? Softies, if I can figure out a cute pattern. Fabric bookmarks. I really need to flesh the idea out. It's funny how you think you want something but when asked why or what or probed about it the idea totally falls apart. Thanks Beki! LOL I mean that in a positive way really!

My back is a bit better today and I am finally mobile. Yay!! Hopefully by the end of the weekend I'll be walking like a 28 yr old, not an 82 yr old like present. Ohhh, AND I got rid of 60 things today for the Seven Things project!! 60!!

This was my second photo I uploaded to flickr when I joined. In honour of summer coming I want to repost it here:

Flower rainbow

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The Shopping Sherpa said...

Pity you can't sell Bend-the-rules Sewing artsy clutches. Copyright is a bummer sometimes.

60 things! Well done! Can't wait to see the post :-)