Thursday, September 20, 2007

Mail day!!

The 6 bags of baby gear was picked up this morning so now I get to use my half share of the profits to mail off my Pay It Forward parcels and some swaps. Yay! Not yay for the post office ladies though, hehehe.
Mail ready to send

edit: Blogger chopped off one of the parcels. Damn you blogger!!! I've been considering moving to wordpress and you make it so easy!!
5 parcels and 2 envelopes. Will my money or mail run out first? Who knows....

The envelopes have bookmarks in for a swapbot swap. Not my best work but the linen is getting easier to sew and I think the fabrics I chose are beautiful. I just wish I had gotten more than a scrap of the apples and pears one. I love it yet I'm giving it away. Selfless, I tell you, selfless. Or stupid, whichever.

Bookmark #1 - sent

Bookmark #2 - sent

Oh, and....after sulking yesterday about the bad job interview I read my email and there was one frm a guy who I have written for in the past givng me a writing gig. US$500!!! Converted into NZ$ and after tax (first time I will have ever declared my extra income, what a grown up) thats still over NZ$500 for 500 words. Y A Y ! ! !


CelticMommy said...

Congrats on the finished projects and the writing job!!! What will you be writing about!

Also, I forgot to tell you in the last blog... dont' worry about the hypermom-- it's probably her first wee one and I can remember how nearly paranoid I was!
See you when I get back from the weekend! ~Hettie

Karen Beth said...

Congrats on the writing gig. For whom do you write?

I also wanted to ask you... where do you find all the cool swaps that you participate in? I'd love to be in on more!

P.S. There is one going on at my blog right now if you are interested!