Saturday, September 08, 2007

Irony at its best

For those who asked this is the lining fabric of my new handbag. Star bursts..or fireworks... or whatever. It's awesome, you open this really classy, floral bag and POW this explosion of colour leaps out and smacks you in the face.

A friend of Dave's, Jimmy, had a garage sale today. He has to move because his drug addicted daughter keeps robbing the house (1. That man just cannot get a break from life and 2. Boy, are the next tenants in for a surprise!) and so we went to 'help out'. Thats code for get free stuff in case my sarcasm wasn't obvious enough. For one brief moment we thought we might finally have a couch big enough to fit more than one human and a cat. But nope, all the good stuff was already spoken for. Oh well. But we DID get a reclining leather desk type chair with matching ottoman, enormous lamp with 1980's faux marble base that I *had* to have even though it screams "I'm straight off the set of Days of Our Lifes in 1991", a plain TV thats good for the bedroom once Jimmy is finished watching the rugby world cup on it, a glass top coffee table , various little things and....his fish tank. We've already started muttering about how the tank needs a plant and a toy and it's too small so we need a bigger tank etc. Stop me now.

The cats were throughly curious about the new additions, Rastus was very very intrigued.

Ginga had a nosy but was overall too cool for it all, although if anyone is gonna work out how to get the lid off it'll be him.

Wheres the irony the title mentioned? Well, I'll write about it in my next entry. I'm going to take part in The Seven Things Project. You get rid of 7 things a week. This is coming from someone who got so much free stuff she has to store that new chair and ottoman in the kitchen for want of space to put it. This'll be interesting.

edited: I forgot to add before I got a comment, I also got a huge suitcase and an ENORMOUS plastic bag FULL of baby gear. So much stuff, all to sell on Trade Me and split 50/50 with Jimmy. So I will count that as this coming weeks stuff to get rid of. This week I got rid of a bunch of craft stuff I don't use. I still need to take stock of what I really do have, that stuff I stuffed in the wardrobe at the back never to see again.


The Shopping Sherpa said...

Yay! Good to have another unhoarder on board :-)

(Err, you do realise it's 7 things nett, so after your aquisitions today that'll now be at least 13 things out this week?)

Mary said...

Love that bag lining! And what cool things you've gotten from your friend (but sorry for his situation).

Kellie said...

That fabric puts mere polka dots to shame! Love it

Taphophile said...

Welcome on board the Seven Things juggernaut, BB.

Perfectly understand you had to help out a friend, and who could leave the fish tank?

Mind you, I have "friends" who are helping me, too!