Friday, September 07, 2007


*floommpphh* you ask? Yes, *floommpphh*. Thats the sound of me flopping down on the couch after making the most horrendously hard bag ever. I thought my last bag 18 months ago was a nightmare but this was actually worse. Don't get me wrong, it turned out great and I LOVE it!!! It really tested me though. I altered it from the Bend-The-Rules Sewing pattern, changed the bottom to box corners which was a lot easier and the straps are sewn in rather than held in by casings which added hours to the making and yet probably took years off my life. All in all though....I LOVE IT. The fabric was the perfect choice and now I want to go somewhere and flaunt it.


Mary said...

Beautiful! The style and fabric work well together. Go take it out and show it off!

ingridviola said...

Nice purse!

CelticMommy said...

OOOh, that is awesome fabric! And are those polka dots I see on the inside?? Very cute! So where did you take your bag on its' first date?!
Have a great weekend,

Kellie said... gorgeous! Is that polka dot lining I see peeking out? Good choice! Yes, you deserve a night on the town to flaunt that after working so hard!

Michelle said...

It's beautiful! I've been making bags for years too and I found the instructions in the Bend the Rules book a little bit, um, off centre. In the end I used my own rules, which probably explains why stiffening at the bottom of my pleated bag was the wrong size ;-)

Thanks very much for commenting on my blog, and allowing me the chance to have a look at your blog! The stuff you make is wonderful.