Tuesday, September 18, 2007

When things turn out right yet look so so wrong

I'm having a few issues with this laptop. Namely the keys are smaller and closer together and my fingers aren't even a little bit small. I am making so many typos its driving me nuts. And I keep pressing the cAPS BUTTON INSTEAD OF THE A KEY. Not annoying at all.

I did a little crafting. I found a pattern in a book and thought it sounded cute. It turned out very unlike what its supposed to be. Look at the picture and leave me a comment on what your first guess was about what it is meant to be. I'm going to alter the pattern so the next one I make will be a totally different animal. Cos clearly this one ain't working but I do think it has potential.

What the hell is it??

Time for a little blatant begging to cheer me up. I'm hosting my first swap-bot swap. It's called Think pink!! If you like pink and are a member of swap-bot maybe you'd like to join the swap.


CelticMommy said...

I would guess a baby Brontosaurus!

Jen said...

I think its cute and Im sure it could be loved by a little person

Kate said...

(Sorry! As I scrolled down, I realised it is a giraffe, but you said first!)

Old School Acres said...

I think it's adorable!

Ayou said...

thats so cute~~ love it

Kellie said...

OK, so I read your last post before this one and saw that it's a giraffe. I probably would've guessed a dino of some sort :) But the fact that it's not what you thought it would be does not detract from how CUTE it is!

Makes me want to blow the dust off the sewing machine and get started on a new project!