Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Count to 10

According to the book my toy was George the long eared giraffe. OK. And everyones guessing it's a dinosaur including Dave. So I made my first original pattern last night :-) and it sucked. Actually the dino toy is looking great, just sustained a few rips between the horns down his back so I have to redo the pattern with no gaps between the horns then I can try again. Only problem is I think I used the last 2 pieces of felt in the same colour so the next little guys gonna be 2 different colours.

Other than that I am taking the day off the internet. I found an ad asking for someone to look after a baby in your own home, which since we're 'trying' for a baby is what I want to do. The lady got in contact with me and managed to make me feel this small----> .

Do I have my full drivers license? No. The world is safer that way and your baby wouldn't die if we took a train or bus. She's too young to have ballet lessons to go to yet anyway. Do you have a first aid cert? I can do a refresher course no probs....but right now no. Fenced backyard? No and she's 8 months old, you think I'll lose her? So I feel useless today and am going to turn up the music, open the doors and let the sunshine in while I sew up a storm. See ya tomorrow.

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