Monday, September 03, 2007


Last Monday was so bad that Tuesday was bad and Wednesday too. Pretty much the week over before it picked up. But today was such a good Monday that there is no way this week will be anything but fabulous my dahlings, fabulous!!

Fabulous fabrics, including this Paris Hilton concoction:

Fabulous things made by me:
The cat ball even came out in a ball shape! My whipstitch is pretty shit-stitch (groan) but it holds things together well enough. Just got to make about 4 more mice skittles.

Fabulous mail:
Vintage transfers from Jane, thank you so much!! Plenty of stitching to pass my time!

And more mail fabulousness: The Spring and Winter Stitchettes to complete my set. I owe my brother big bucks for them (his credit card) but pfffft he can wait. I'm far too busy right now!

And to round out the fabulousness I sold an auction on Trade Me so theres money in the bank this week. And what a week it's going to be!

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Lisa said...

Where did you get that crazy Paris Hilton fabric? LOL, I love it. PS-I haven't forgotten the Bordaine book, I just need to dig it out of the basement somewhere...the most recent one my husband claims he wants to read, so I'll send you the Kitchen Confidential one for now...Lisa.