Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Cleaning out the cobwebs

The urge to sew has passed for now, so it's the perfect time to sort out my fabric stash and notions and clear some of it out. I have some FQ's available to swap, and if I link the photo right they will be below, otherwise the link to my flickr photos is in the sidebar. Go have a look, maybe one will catch your eye?

Available to swap!


CelticMommy said...

I love the one on the bottom right and added a note at flickr for it... let me know what you'd like to swap!
:-) Hettie

mosaic queen said...

Hello Miss BB!
Thank you for visiting my blog. I love new visitors!
I took a look at some of your pics and I appreciated seeing a pic of New Zealand. I find it fascinating to view far away lands through blogging.
Happy Thrifting!

Ayou said...

love your pink fabrics, looks allsome