Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Ouch ouch ouch

I have this major pain in my left side, making it a little hard to breath and seems to be spreading. Can't drive so still waiting on the bf to get back to me. Answer your emergency text damn you!! Lucky for me it means doing the dishes is out but it also means standing, breathing, moving like a normal person are out. It's ok if I sit in one spot though, so have found myself flat on the couch reading for a while. I don't like being forced to be still though.

I checked my myspace today, not something I do anymore that often and this is why. I used to get a lot of these messages, now thankfully only one a day at most. He's a keeper right? Read: are you doing i saw you profile when i was search through for a soul mate when i saw your picture so i check profile i even saw your pic with ur friend and i saw where u wrote more about your self.....but there is only one thing i did not see is your name i will like to know your David by name am a friendly guy from single and really want some one to be my gf....i know you are in new zealand and am in nigeria it bit far but i think things can work out fine with me and you we can get to met.....I just finished an aviation school and am planning to get a job and further my will be more easy for us to meet.....dont be afraid of me am not a scrammer but looking for a true love.....i dont mind people from a distance......your question will be why did i not look for someone from my side but love can take people to any place.....i will be expecting your reply....please get back to me dont just read my mail but reply me

Well, he says he's not a 'scrammer' so I have to believe him. Who knew my prince was hiding in Nigeria....?


CelticMommy said...

ROFLMAO! Yes, all the best soul mates are from Nigeria!

Feel better Steph!!

Kate said...

I like the way he's really done his research, too! What a guy. I am off to make a MySpace page just this second (not!).
Hope you're feeling lots better.