Friday, September 21, 2007

Oooohhh, something new...sort of.

Spring is well and truly here and the sun has been out in force today. What better activity than embroidery in the sunshine. I started my first piece of redowrk last night, a simple little flower. I altered my 'technique' if you could call it that, and it worked. I used white cotton and very, very small stitches, and tried Anchor instead of DMC. Overall it all came together beautifully.

First redwork completed/10.2

I finished it out in the sunshine today and turned it into this:
Redwork pincushion

I'll glue it into the ramekin as soon as I can find the faffing glue. It was a lot easier than I expected to make. A thrifted ramekin, a scrap of cotton, some stuffing and a gathering stitch to put it all together and voila, I have a new pincushion and finally have something to show off my embroidery on.

I copied the idea from here in case you thought I was being devilishly original. Alas, no.


Jen said...


I might have to go visit that website and see if I can get creative too

Lisa said...

a little pincusion souffle, how yummy! Great job on the stitching, I've been seeing so much wonderful embroidery lately, i think I may have to take it up myself.

Evie said...

Cute! I actually have a zakka book with a similar idea in it!

Lisa at Lil Fish Studios said...

It's fantastic! Nice work.