Wednesday, April 19, 2006

One Life

This was inspired by a piece of graffiti I saw today:

You only have one life
Don't waste it
Make your own choices
No matter what the consequences
Don't end up on your death bed
Bitter or full of regrets
Go out spent and tired
Screaming "damn, that was some crazy shit"
Go barefoot if it pleases you
Live your life with a smile
Take risks where the outcome is unknown
Play on the swings at forty
Take a second helping of dessert
Smile at strangers
Stop and smell the flowers
Tell that person how you feel
Speak up and make your voice heard
Trust in yourself to make the best choice
Don't pay attention to fashion
Lift your face to the rain
As often as to the sun
Kiss hard and often and love passionately
For lifes length is not certain

1 comment:

alphabunny said...

Love it. Esp the dessert part. Dessert keeps life oh so sweet.