Tuesday, April 11, 2006

the amusement park was...amusing

I took 3 pics of the amusement park in the Mall of America (then known as Camp Snoopy and filled with Snoopy memorabilia, now the rather depressing 'Park at MOA' or something equally depressing) in panoramic mode but never got around to stitching them together. 9 months later I'm pining for the fun again so I got organised and here is the park. I rode my first rollercoasters here and the log ride and the Mighty Axe which tips you upside down, forwards, backwards, takes you up into the rafters and generally tests your heart. LOVED IT! I wish I could convey the noise/heat/smells/excitement.

1 comment:

alphabunny said...

Nicely done. Next trick is to learn how to make it go 360. [psssssst i know someone who can teach you and send yo the software.]