Thursday, April 06, 2006

My favourite thing

People think it's soldiers but nothing comes close to my love of american tourists. Watching tourists has become an artform for me. Occasionally you get british/australian ones that look like americans but mostly you can tell which are which. South African and Canadian ones are generally no problem because they wear their national emblem splashed about like cheap cologne.
To watch a bus load of elderly american tourists get off their tour coach is one of lifes great pleasures. Watch them if you ever can and you'll see why I say that. To ride a public bus with them is the funniest thing ever. Listening to them talk and compare and fuss is incomparable. Soldiers are pretty to look at (oh my, are they pretty) but tourists are hypnotic in a train wreck sort of way. You just can't look away.

Tourists watching a video on sheep shearing in New Zealand. NZers couldnt give a toss but these 3 were sitting watching fascinated. Bless.

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