Sunday, November 19, 2006

New addiction alert

Oh bugger, new addiction alert!! In an attempt to clear the piles of extra stuff I have and to help cover my wisdom tooth surgery (whimper) I have started selling a few things on trademe, NZ's answer to ebay. All three things have sold so far - grand profit after shipping, something like $15 lol but OMG it's so much fun!!

Anyone else shamelessly addicted to auction sites?


Wayne C. Rogers said...

Listen, I have four wisdom teeth that needed to be pulled seventeen years ago according to one dentist. Instead, when they bother me, I simply clean them real good with dental floss and stimudents. I do this for three days and take some asprin, and it usually holds me for three or four months. Try it and see what happens. It can't hurt. Also, as a Dominant Mistress, you just might be able to get fifteen dollars for a used pair of pantyhose, or underwear. Submissive men will buy anything!!!! LOL.

*BB* said...

Damn it! I just gave away a very well used pair of panties for a friends Booty Tree and here's me hearing I can get $15 for them. Shit!!

Bonnie said...

Ok its own up time..stands up clears her thoat..Hi my name Bonnie and I'm adicted to Ebay, sexybay.Au, and freecyle a trading/barter site
I own more lingerie, boots/shoes and fetish gear than I do pots and pans. I had to one stage order my slave to put cyber nanny on for me to keep me away..yes i'm joking but it has come close LOL
Love the photos of the bikes..and great job on the necklaces...hope you heal fast..Bonnie